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About Me

Hello Humanoids .

This is how i greet my readers . My name is Rahul Mathur and i am a 16 year old boy from Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh India . I am also called weemundo in the world of Internet.

I have been a travelling kid , i have lived in Hilly areas , in rural areas and now here i am back to the City and the Capital of Madhya Pradesh .

I developed interest in Computer as soon as i received it , i received my PC on February 2001 and since then i have been exploring my Computer .  I have evolved from Windows 98 -> Windows 2000 -> Windows XP -> Windows Vista .  I was a hardcore PC gamer from 2001 to 2006 , i used to finish every game i bought in matter of two days and yes it was tough .

I used to be awesome in studies too , i received 1st rank in my class from Class 1st to Class VIII .

But then , i then started my journey of internet exploration .

It was january of the particular month and i just finished my Age of Empires III and was eager for something new.

Then i found  Pokemoncrater (  Pokemoncrater has been closed since December 2007 ) and through pokemoncrater i found out IRC .

I have been an IRC addict for 10 months , i used to be on IRC for 6-8 hours daily even after school i used to be 4 hours permanently on my PC .

But then realisation struck me and i found myself in a bad position . I was drifting away from studies and was totally annoying my parents .

I decided to quit my IRC addiction , studied hard for months and then finally had a descent result .

I have been a part of various internet places like :

Pokemoncrater ,  RocketDock Icon developer , Thoosje Forum Member , Hawkee.com Script developer and tons more !

Currently I am a part of :

Chip India forums , Blog Catalog , Digg.com , Youtube Community and yes these are the only active communities i take part it right now .

So this was an excerpt from my Journey Of Life : Internet Exploration .

I believe in making friends and my friends believe in trusting me.

Now my aim is to bring back the lost glory in my Academic Career and from now on i will do anything to achieve my aim .


About My Blog

My Blog :  A Blog with a DiffeRence

I started blogging in 2007 , i just made a blog out of desperation and named it Rahul Rules !. Hah , pretty confident you must be saying ?

But then i closed it after 2 posts already .

Then i made a blog on December 2007 called Rahul Rules , ehm… ,   The domain was http://www.rahulm1992.blogspot.com .

Exactly , i am a Blogspot fan simply because of its simplicity . Though i am using WordPress to write the About Me , the reason is simple : I needed a change .

I spent hours on Rahul Rules in December 2007 and first half of  January 2008 but then due to studies i quitted my blogging .

But then i started Blogging again in April 2008 and guess what i received tons of appreciating comment . My Blog finally made  a  mark in the cast world of Internet and i received Page Rank 3 in 2 months !

But then i needed one more thing and that is a good domain . I wore my thinking cap and gave birth to http://www.ablogwithadifference.com , I must thank my elder brother Arvind Mathur for giving me some money to buy a domain , Thanks 🙂

After changing my domain , i lost all my Page Ranks and trackbacks , links , Alexa Rank , etc . But then i had to do a new beginning .

I tried to write original and interesting  articles and my hardwork did pay off .  My Domain received Page Rank 3 in one and a half month , got more backlinks , trackback ever , received more appreciation than i ever did .

I am pretty satisfied with whatever i have done on my blog , but you know i cant post frequently due to my studies . The reason is the Schedule given below :

School :    8 hours

Coaching / Extra studies : 4 Hours + 1 hours transport

Homework / Assignment / Self Study :  1 – 2 hours .

I know its pretty tiring and i still manage time to write something new and unique , hehe .

Now i have loads of old readers and i get 500-750 readers daily which go on to 1,000 + in peak time .

Its more than sufficient to me .

I try to cover various topics like : Technology , internet , software , video games , movies , sports , odd stuff and miscellaneous facts .

These topics combine together to form a Blog which is pretty different .

You are most welcome to come to my blog :  http://www.ablogwithadifference.com


You can contact me from here : http://www.ablogwithadifference.com/2006/10/free-kick.html

Hope you like my About Me and my Blog post ,

Take care ,

Rahul Mathur .

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